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1 of the most common names on the earth of blended martial arts is the Remaining Stopping Championship, extra just referred to as the UFC. The UFC has truly been a region for a lot of fighters to expose their competencies and get reputation as qualified fighters. one of the far a lot more prevalent names in the action of UFC is Chuck Liddell.

Liddell begun off his martial arts instruction at age 12. Liddell battles out of San Luis Obispo, California. He is a California born and elevated fighter. He went to school or college at California Polytechnic Situation College or university the place he completed and battled with a big in accounting. Irrespective of his accounting degree, Liddell labored as a bouncer and bartender prior to he commenced his full-time battling career.

Chuck designed his incredibly extremely very first visual physical appearance in the UFC in 1998 combating in UFC seventeen. He designed his technique up the ranks and by 2002, Liddell was the primary competitor for the gentle heavyweight title, which was held by the controversial Tito Ortiz. Liddell and Ortiz experienced certainly seasoned jointly at the Pitfight Club and experienced a slipping out. Ortiz hesitated to give Liddell a shot at the title, so Liddell was alternatively arranged to struggle Randy Couture, a veteran of the UFC and prior heavyweight winner.

Liddell misplaced to Couture and Couture afterwards on defeat Ortiz and grew to come to be the light-weight heavyweight winner. It was only shortly just after Ortiz missing the title that Liddell and last of all acquired to fight his bitter rival. In Norco Bikes , Liddell knocked Ortiz out with a selection of brutal punches to declare good results for himself.

In Norco Bikes , Liddell as soon as dealt with off as opposed to the veteran fighter and light-pounds heavyweight champion, Randy Couture. Liddell successfully safeguarded the gentle heavyweight title 4 extra situations in progress of he dropped the belt to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in UFC seventy one.

Norco Bikes was unwilling to provide Liddell a shot at the title, so Liddell was instead scheduled to beat Randy Couture, a veteran of the UFC and former heavyweight winner.

In UFC 47, Liddell knocked Ortiz out with a selection of severe punches to declare victory for himself.

In Norco Bikes , Liddell the minute faced off vs . the veteran fighter and light-weight-fat heavyweight champ, Randy Couture. Liddell productively secured the light heavyweight title four a lot more events forward of he get rid of the belt to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in UFC seventy one.

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